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Adoption in Ukraine

Why we?

Ahrens & Schwarz Kiew / Ukraine

In Germany, more than 160,000 lawyers and half as many tax consultants are licensed. The additional number of self-employed consultants is hard to miss. In Ukraine, the situation is very similar. If you want to succeed as a law firm, you need a clear profile and principles for the benefit of the client. Our operations are clear and transparent, so you can easily predict what to expect from Ahrens + Schwarz.

We provide full support for your adoption right from the start.

Whenever you come into contact with the authorities, our law firm’s translators and/or lawyers will be there with you.

You will never be face to face with the questions that arise.

We accompany and organize your entire adoption. Legal services are only one aspect of our activity.

We have many years of experience in adoption. Our team consists of experts specialized in this field with the best contacts in the authorities.

Specialization: We do what we can and nothing else.

A lawyer who knows many areas of jurisprudence in which we work is a purposeful specialist. Therefore, our consultants work in several areas in which they have excellent knowledge and extensive experience.

Proximity to the customer: mid-level entrepreneurs for mid-level entrepreneurs.

We know our customers because we ourselves are entrepreneurs, medium-sized companies, real estate owners, family members, etc. Because we see our clients as equal business partners, it is easy for us to understand their problems and goals.

Teamwork: together we are strength

Because many of the issues and subject areas we deal with span multiple areas of law, our consultants build the right team of professionals for each mandate. What other law firms only pretend to do is what we live every day.

We are not a sole proprietorship and not only do we have the appropriate resources in the legal field.

Experience: Because not everything is written in books

Successful work with clients, especially in Ukraine, is based not only on legal knowledge, but primarily on good strategy and communication. In addition to talent and knowledge, experience is especially important. This is especially relevant in the rapidly changing Ukrainian environment. Thus, all Ahrens+Schwarz employees who are responsible for the tasks have many years of professional experience.

Quality: Avoid mistakes, see opportunities

Our customers can expect the best from us. Therefore, we declare that we work without mistakes and conscientiously and at the same time open up all the possibilities for the client.

Economy: Everyone should have it

The right price is measured not only by quality and the market. In the end, it is up to the client to achieve their goals. That’s why we at Ahrens+Schwarz have fixed fee rate models with full cost transparency. Over 99 percent of undisputed invoices speak to fair billing.

Responsibility and trust. Success is not only measured by money

We don’t measure how successful we are based solely on the status of our business accounts. We strive for long-term, trusting relationships with clients and want to live up to our corporate responsibility to our employees, business partners and society.