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Adoption in Ukraine

Advantages of adoption in Ukraine compared to other countries

The advantages of adoption for Germans and other European citizens in Ukraine are diverse and cannot be compared to any other country.

This is:

  • There are many more children to be adopted than there are adoptive parents.
  • There is no maximum age for adoptive parents to adopt.
  • The minimum income for couples wishing to adopt is relatively low and is met by most applicants.
  • Participating authorities assist prospective adoptive parents with adoption and do not object to it because adoption is primarily in the best interests of children.
  • Territorially relatively close to Germany. Therefore, traveling is not as difficult as with an adoption in Asia or South America.
  • Lower living costs than in Germany, so inexpensive travel and accommodation options for parents during the search and adoption process.
  • Similar cultural and social conditions as in Germany and Europe.
  • Legally and bureaucratically, the adoption process is the same as in Germany, so it is recognized without problems.
  • Simple and transparent adoption process.
  • Visa is not required. Therefore, a child can easily leave the country even with a passport of Ukraine, and adoptive parents can easily enter the country.
  • Children are like foster parents and no different from Germans.
  • After adoption, parents can choose the child’s surname and first name. In all Ukrainian documents, such as birth certificates, adoptive parents appear as parents and are practically indistinguishable from biological parents. Third-party adoption is not available unless the parents want it.
  • Adoption is irreversible.
  • After adoption, the child can have contact with the biological parents.
  • Favorable costs and additional adoption costs compared to other countries.
  • Quick registration of adoption, compared to other countries.
  • Full legal certainty of adoption.

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