Ahrens & Schwarz Kyiv

Adoption in Ukraine

Why should you work with us?

There are many adoption agencies in Ukraine and Germany.

Nevertheless, working with us provides decisive advantages that other firms do not have or only partially have.

This is:

  • Over 18 years of experience in the field of adoption, international family law and other areas of law, as well as extensive experience in administrative practice in Ukraine.
  • Availability of own office in Ukraine.
  • We work all over Ukraine and can place children from all over Ukraine, as well as carry out adoptions all over Ukraine.
  • By working with us, you get access to all children who are adopted in Ukraine. Not only in the region or the orphanage. Thus, there are tens of thousands of children who can be adopted.
  • We are leaders in the German adoption market in Ukraine and have unprecedented practical experience in this field throughout Ukraine.
  • We are not just an adoption agency, but also run a law firm and a translation agency in Ukraine.
  • Allows us to offer an interdisciplinary approach, which is very important when it comes to adoption. So we do not focus our work only on legal, social or official aspects. Everything should suit you. We offer all necessary services from one source. There is no need to involve other service providers, such as: translation bureaus, legal and notary offices.
  • We have Ukrainian employees and German management on site. This gives us a unique cross-cultural competence as well as the quality and reliability standards you are used to from Germany.
  • We work together with leading specialist lawyers in Germany, which provides further support in Germany. Of course, this concerns, first of all, the further recognition of adoption in Germany.
  • We offer absolute legal certainty at any time and involve Ukrainian and German lawyers.
  • You can communicate with us in your native German language. Our working language is German. This facilitates communication and avoids misunderstandings.
  • Absolute price transparency. As a general rule, we offer package deals after an individual case evaluation. This will protect you from further financial overspending.

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