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Adoption in Ukraine

Adoption of children from Ukraine

We can realize your desire to have children in Ukraine. With our help, the probability of success is 100%.

Ukraine offers the best opportunities for adoption by foreigners from all over Europe for several reasons. Many couples who wish to adopt a child are unaware of this despite extensive internet research.

In addition, sometimes there are language and cultural barriers and, of course, certain resentments.

However, they are largely unfounded, as you will definitely see after reading our information. We will definitely tell you a legal and practical way to realize your desire to have children, which you will be able to realize with our help as quickly and easily as possible.

Initially, there are about 8 potential children to be adopted for every couple willing to adopt.

Therefore, the probability of adopting a child here is much higher than in other countries.

In addition, the responsible authorities are open to adoption from the point of view of the best interests of the child and do not try to implement any ideological programs.

The authorities will help you and the children with the adoption without the involvement of the State Service for Children or the associations and public organizations authorized by it, and will also help determine the suitability of the adoption. This is carried out exclusively in Ukraine by the responsible local authorities.

Formally, this is not a foreign adoption, but an adoption under the national legislation of Ukraine.

Experience shows that all clients we work with have children.

The years of continuous success of our law firm speak for themselves.

This can be applied, also during war. Adoption by foreigners is now possible in Ukraine and is practiced by us on a permanent basis.

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